Family Picture

After almost 2 and a half years of studying at UST, we finally were able to have our official class picture last July 31! :) You may ask why we weren’t able to have our class picture back in our 1st and 2nd years, so let me explain the reasons…

We actually were able to have our class picture taken during Valentine’s Day of our freshman year, but unfortunately, the memory card containing our pictures was corrupted so we needed to have it retaken and also, our beloved adviser Ma’am Mendoza was not informed then so she was not with us during the first class picture taking. We had the retake scheduled. When we gathered up on the day of the retake, Ma’am Mendoza included this time, the photographer was not there because he had lunch and by the time he got back, the class had already decided to go home and so some already left. We didn’t reschedule after that. But anyway, at least we had pictures taken by Mao during the first class picture taking, though we’re not that complete here and we’re a bit chaotic already. :)

1DPH :> This is the only class picture I’ve been able to save. :))

When we were in second year, on the day of the class picture taking, September 7, it was raining hard so we thought it would be postponed. But when the time of the picture taking came, the rain had stopped and the sun was already shining. But I guess we didn’t push through with the class picture because Siobe was absent that day because she was sick (we found out later it was already dengue). Sir Stan was our adviser then.

This is the only class pic we have on our second year, after OrgChem, with Ma’am Sarile! Photo owned by Andrea Tracy Cunanan

And now, on our third year, we finally had our class picture! Yayyyy though we don’t have our adviser with us. We haven’t even met her, Ma’am Castillo, because she had been on maternity leave since classes started. We’re hopeful that the memory card would not be corrupted this time. After all, I think we needed to have a class picture already since those who will be taking up Clinical Pharmacy would be separated from us. Though we’re really not that complete anymore (47 from an original class of 52) because some of us have transferred school or shifted to another course, I’m happy because at least among the seven third year pharmacy classes, we’re the class with the most number of students, and with the fewest students who left the class. :)

It’s sad thinking of what would happen next year. But that’s just how life is. Though I’m not close to all of them, I can still say that they’re all my friends; they’re the brothers and sisters I never had. I’m thankful for those 2 and a half years I’ve spent with them, and the last half or 1-2 and half years remaining that I will spend with them. :) This is enough drama for now I guess. I’ll save the rest for graduation ;)

ALL PICTURES AT THE ARCH OF THE CENTURIES OWNED BY MAOLENN KARLO LAVADIA :) To follow na lang yung official class pic from RED Images, pag nakuha na namin ;)

P. S. More than just my class or block, D-Pharmacy is my family. Yes, we are a family. And so these pictures are not just class pictures, but they are our family pictures. <3

I LOVE YOU DPH 2015! <3

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